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tv   Action News Weekend 6AM  ABC  March 19, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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a pleasant good morning to you 6:00 a.m., saturday, march 19. here's some of the stories we're following on "action news," two buildings will be imploded in north philadelphia this morning. in seconds, the skyline will change forever. a two men are rushed to the hospital after they are involved in a fiery crash on the schuylkill expressway overnight. what will the first day of spring bring? my oh, my, we are looking at a system that could bring wet
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snow. chris sowers has a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. can't be snowing on the first day of spring. >> reporter: at this pace it might not be. things are changed dramatically. if you're just tuning in we had big changes overnight in the weather department as the storm appears to be shifting east farther out to sea. some areas might not see anything at all. there's the live shot in atlantic city. it's cooler as the cold front slipped through while you were sound asleep. 32 in allentown. reading, 33. poconos, 30. philadelphia, millville, 39. cape may, 41. dover, 38. wilmington, 37. double scan live, what's happening this piece of energy, we have two systems one to the north one to the south. these were supposed to come together off the coast of the carolinas and the storm comings racing up the eastern seaboard across the i-95 corridor.
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they will remain separate and this guy kicks the low out to sea. we'll see rain and snow showers out of this, instead of steady accumulating snow. we're not anticipating anything heavy or moderate. 11:00 a.m., 42, cloudy conditions, 1:00 p.m., cloudy skies. 3:00 p.m., we see rain showers march through here, 44. 5:00 p.m., showers, 43 degrees, the storm is shifting east. we've lord snowfall totals, we'll talk about this in just a bit. we have a huge warmup, i think you'll be impressed with the numbers that are in the seven day. details in just a bit. gray. this morning two highrise buildings will crumble under the weight of explosives as the philadelphia housing authority tears them down to make way for new apartments and low-cost
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homes. i want to take you to the scene of where this is going to happen. this is file video of the scene that the crews taped earlier. 7:15 a.m., 17 buildings including two 18 story highrises will be torn down. it will be rejuvenate the neighborhood. folks say there were crimes when the buildings was there, things are much better since the buildings have been boarded up. they are looking forward to the buildings coming down him that will happen at 7:15. folks in the area have have havn evacuated. trish hartman will be live at the scene as the buildings come crashing down. it will happen in a matter of seconds. engineers say 11 seconds the buildings come down changing the skyline forever. we'll bring you the live implosion when it hams on
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6abc -- happens on abc. it happens at 7:15. a rollover crash injured two men on the schuylkill expressway around 2:30 a.m. in the westbound lanes between university avenue and south street. two plain clothes philadelphia police officer just happened to be passing by the scene. they helped the victims and started to put out an engine fire. state police and the firefighters arrived and they closed down the highway for about an hour. the schuylkill expressway has since reopened. there's new details in a double shooting in north philadelphia. the victims are described as a 20-year-old man in critical condition. and 22-year-old man who died from his injuries. someone shot them several times in the 1200 block of west seltzer street at 11:30. all 60 aboard a fly dubai airline were killed when the plane crashed in russia. it burst into flames as it was
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going in for a landing. dramatic video of a fireball that you see here right near the airport has surfaced. it is unclear this morning if this is indeed the plain that went down. investigators are looking into whether high winds played a role in the crash. the man identified as the top suspect in the paris attacks is in custody. today salah abdeslam will face police questioning for his role in the attacks. we have details on how police caught up with him. >> reporter: explosions, and gunfire ripped through a brussels street authorities swarmed salah abdeslam who was dragged out by police and bundled into a car wounded. salah abdeslam was arrested by police and slightly injured.
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>> reporter: the 26-year-old salah abdeslam was the only survivor of the group of terrorists that carried out the bataclan attacks. he dropped off more isis gunman at the bataclan theater where an american rock band was performing. and then he disappeared until 4 months later. the fugitive was hiding out for part of the time right here in his own neighborhood captured yards from his family's home. >> reporter: today president obama congratulated the french president and prime minister. united states intelligence officials have been working closely with french and bell -- belgium national security officials since october. from our new jersey
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newsroom, fears are growing over the lead levels in new jersey public schools. the district has been dressing the issue since 2003. administrators are trying to ease concerns on two levels, one is that the highest lead levels are found in water not used for drinking. secondly the results are lower than those found in flint, michigan. the district has shut off sinks and fountains in 30 buildings and offered to test as many as 17,000 children for contamination. another new jersey transit system is banning the hover boards, path announced the new policy yesterday. the director said there have been no incidents on the train, but they are acting on the side of caution since the batteries used in hover boards are a fire risk. the system-wide ban for new jersey transit has been in
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effect for the past months. 6:07 a.m. an nfl player died after a dirt bike crash in florida. the jury has reached a verdict in the hulk hogan sex tape trial. >> reporter: a mixture of rain and wet snow is on the way tonight and tomorrow followed by a huge warmup in the forecast, coming up right after this. the search continues for a
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person or the person who shot a man in north philadelphia last night. the action cam was on the 2900 block of north race street after 11:00 p.m. that's where police say they found the victim lying in front of a house. he had a single gunshot to the chest and being treated at temple hospital. no update on his condition. a baltimore ravens player died after a dirt bike crash. tray walker was riding a dirt bike with no lights when he collided with an suv. the 23-year-old played one season in the nfl. in a letter to the team ravens coach wrote that was the kind of phone call you never want to get as a coach as a parent as a brother as a friend. this morning we have dramatic video that you will only see right here on "action news." look at this scene here. this surveillance video showing the moment is suspected drunk
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driver crashes into a toll plaza on i-95 in newark wednesday night. the car stopped to pay the toll, but the cadillac plows into two of them there. four people were hurt in the incident. police have charged the driver with dui and drug possession. a florida jury has sided with hulk hogan award $115 million. it took the jury 6 hours of driver's license driver's license driver's license deliberation yesterday. he was filmed having sex with his best friend's wife. gawker plans to appeal. let's get caught up on the forecast right now. what can we expect today? >> reporter: we have good news, the computer information that came in overnight has shifted everything east farther out to
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sea, which means the light to moderate snowfall that we were expecting for tomorrow now appears as if it's going to be a nuisance event maybe a coating to an inch at best. some areas could pick up more. but it's not looking like a big deal. there's the view sky6 live hd penns landing, it's cloudy and cooler out there, but not precipitating just yet. 46 degrees, the high temperature we're shooting for today. the low is the present temperature reading of 39 that he is woman off the normal for this time of year. the normal high is 54. yesterday's high, 63. today we're forecasting 46. tomorrow, 39. but i do want to point out, this number is warmer than what we've been posting over the last few days, which is another sign this system is raggedy and not getting its act together which is why we are not expecting much snow. millville, 37. reading, 33. allentown checking in at 32.
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here's satellite and radar, two pieces to the system, the first one stretching across the ohio valley. the second one which will become the coastal storm is across the gulf coast states. this time of year you need everything to come together just right. these system merge across the i-95 corridor from washington, d.c. to boston. this will act as a kicker and bump the coastal low out to sea. we'll get two pieces kind of racing across the eastern seaboard as opposed to systems colliding across the carolinas and merging into a huge storm. well get one after the next here. which is good news it's a weaker system now. future tracker 6 showing light rain showers this afternoon. this is 2:00 p.m. it's mainly cloudy at that point, light rain south and east, as we at advance this through. even not model is showing snowflakes here, i suspect it will be rain this afternoon. cloudy skies to the north.
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as we advance this through time, overnight tonight we'll get a lull in the action it's mainly cloudy. first thing tomorrow morning expect to see mixed rain and snow showers here, which will pick up in intensity throughout the day. but it's precipitating during the day. high temperatures are close to 40 degrees. even if we see more snow filling in than what the model is showing, a lot of it will melt on contact especially on roads and sidewalks and bridges and overpasses and things like that. temperatures are milder, we expect some accumulation on grassy sure -- surfaces. temperatures well above freezing, high tomorrow of 39 degrees. snowfall totals, coating to an inch across stream southern
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portions of south jersey and delaware and the lehigh valley. poconos not seeing anything at all. we'll see one to two inches across the i-95 corridor and grassy surfaces tomorrow afternoon. even if you pick you mean two inches of snow cruel never see it at the same time -- you'll never see it at the same time because it will melt. reading, 47 degrees. allentown, 48. cloudy and showers. overnight tonight, it's cloudy. rain and snow is likely to develop closures dawn. temperatures closer to freezing. millville, 32. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 39 degrees tomorrow mixture of rain and wet snow. once the system pulls away we'll warm it up nicely. chilly monday, 48. partly sunny, tuesday, 53. wednesday, warmer, 66. thursday and friday, nice and warm, 72 and 73 degrees. again maybe a five or six hour window here we'll see wet snow.
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don't panic. >> reporter: nothing to worry about. it is now 6:16 some of the city's best and brightest gathered last night at philadelphia's city hall. mayor jim kenny and council members hosted the philly apps for the philly an on this to help philadelphian engage with local government. so glad you stayed with us
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on this saturday morning, it is now 6:20, 42 degrees, it's cloudy out there, and we have light snow on the way tomorrow. this year the cut off to file your taxes is april 18 because washington celebrates emancipation day on the 15th. as you prepare to file don't forget the deductions that help you save. >> reporter: there are $1.3 trillion in tax breaks up for grabs, find out which one you're eligible for can be a daunting task, especially if you're doing your taxes yourself. americans are missing out on deductions and credits. >> reporter: we poured over the tax code and hit the streets to flag some of the overlooked areas. child care working parents may
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qualify for day care or babysitting credit for kids up to 1. up to $6,000. >> reporter: medical bills remember you may able to dededuct healthcare costs and take mileage taking your parents to and from the doctors can count. if you're relocating for a job 50 miles per hour away, the moving expenses are deductible. anyone making less than $62,000 a year is he eligible for free filing software from the irs. when it comes to younger people buying suvs bigger is better. aforesaid the explorer is more popular than the compact escape
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with millennials. it is believed they prefer them smaller suvs, because they are less expensive and easier to park. parenthood may be the driving force behind the purchase of larger vehicles, we're back in a bit.
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>> reporter: welcome back everyone, 6:24 saturday morning, you're looking at satellite 6 along with action radar. you can see the vast expansion of the cloud deck across the southern half of the united states. all the pieces of the puzzle coming together to produce light snow tomorrow, but that puzzle is coming together farther east out to sea than what we were originally anticipating yesterday and the day before. here's philadelphia right here. the computer information is
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suggesting something like this. you get the coastal storm developing up the eastern seaboard and mild snowstorm across the i-95 corridor. this will push like this and this low out here the collision will takes place out to sea and then come up. it will be a snowstorm for the new england and the canadian maritimes. it will track a few hundred miles. we'll get a coating to an inch, maybe some areas pick you mean an inch and a half. rain showers developing around afternoon and highs of 46. 6:25 you're dog tired if you stayed up to watch the end of the st. joe's game, but boy was it worth it. we'll pick it up here, ten
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seconds together, isaiah miles knocking down a 3 pointer. cincinnati nearly ties the game, but check this out, the back board light goes on and the ball is still in hand, saint escrows outlasts cincinnati 78-76. here's ducis rogers with the rest of the local march madness results. >> reporter: good morning we'll start in brooklyn where nova is two seed in the south region. facing asheville, josh hart, they never trail in this game. 14 at the break. 17 points, ten rebounds, both games highs. nova rolls, 86-56. we knew it was going to be
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a tough game. there are one or two or three point percentage teams in the county. we knew it was going to be a struggle. i knew it was going to be a tough first half. second first half we came out strong. >> reporter: temple and iowa, the owls come back from a 12-point deficit down three four seconds to go. the game goes to overtime. final seconds of o-t. woodbury cleans up the mess. temple loses 72-70. iowa faces nova tomorrow. the owls go home. i love these guys, that's the problem, you love them like crazy, now the seniors are gone. it hurts to be honest, that's
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the part of the problem of this situation it's the abruptness of the ending is frightening to be honest. flyers a point out of the wild card spot host the we penguins. borachek cleared to play, but a game time decision. sixers lose 111-97. phillies and pirates, ryan howard with a grand slam. his second straight game with a homer. he goes 3 for 5, 5rbis. union home opener is tomorrow against new england. you can catch the match here on 6abc, coverage begins at 2:00 p.m. that's a look at sports this
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morning, i'm ducis rogers you have yourself a terrific weekend.
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all right, welcome back everybody, 6:30, you're looking live at the norman bloomberg apartment building. they stood for many years, but they will be gone in seconds as the housing authority brings
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down builds -- buildings this morning. a kensington beauty salon is scorched by flames overnight. one person is sent to the hospital. meteorologist chris sowers is here, chris, it's a rain today and everybody wants to know about the snow tomorrow. >> reporter: things are moving along nicely here. we have changes now. the overnight computer runs have come in and shifting everything east. we'll see a brush of wet snow tomorrow. might not see anything out of this system. that's a beautiful shot overlooking camden. you can see the clouds increase from the southwest. a couple of rain showers are possible later today. temperatures are cooled off, a cold front slipped through while you were sleeping. the numbers have dropped into the low 30s north and west. quakertown, 31. pottstown, 32. saint davids, 35.
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center city, 39. mid 30s south jersey and close to 40 in delaware. vineland, 36. hammonton a pair of 3s. satellite and radar, you can see the clouds increase from the west riding along the mason dixon line. first piece of energy showing rain and mixed snow showers across the appalachian states. this will get in here this afternoon and produce rain showers temperatures climb in the 40s. the second piece of moisture moves in tomorrow and that brings in rain and wet snow. future tracker 6, 1:00 p.m., rain showers south of philadelphia, 45. 3:00 p.m., 46. same thing, showers south of the city. 5:00 p.m., 44, cloudy conditions and showers. when i come back in just a few minutes we'll take a look at tomorrow's mixture of rain and wet snow. we would like to remind you you can get the seven-day forecast and check storm tracker 6 live at any time at happening in about 45 minutes, the philadelphia
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housing authority will bring down two highrise buildings. the implosion is happening in north philadelphia to make way for a new apartment and low cost townhomes. trish hartman joins us right now live from north philadelphia with the latest on this, trish this will get underway at 7:15. what's happening right now there? >> reporter: good morning, gray, right now a ceremony is just getting underway in a tent next to me. less than an hour until the two highrises you see behind me will be imploded along with 15 low rise buildings that will be demolished as well as part of the norm mannor -- norman blum burger apartments. the idea is to get rid of highrise and replace them with town home style buildings people take pride in. they helped folks relocate once the housing is rebuilt, those
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residents have first prior to the new housing if they want to move back. it will be several years before the entire project is completed, but the first phase of homes should be done by september. a number of them are under crux. we're looking at 23rd and master. police have this blocked off as well as a number of roads in the area. a number of people are standing around to watch the implosion and police are making sure everyone is standing at a safe distance. folks were asked to leave their home at 5:00 a.m. folks in the dust zone were told to keep their doors and windows closed during the implosion. a ceremony getting underway now 6:30. they will talk about the projects and come as a celebration of the project that's been made so far. animal 7:15 the implosion. trish hartman channel 6 "action news." thank you for the update.
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we'll all be watching. a north philadelphia road buckled overnight saturday of a water main break, "action news" was there an suv was towed away after it was driven on the buckle road there. you can see the hole left in the road because of the broken water main. water company crews will be back out later this morning to work on the broken main. a fire at a beauty salon injured a person living above the business. this is the video from the 3000 block of kensington avenue in the kensington section. philadelphia firefighters had to help several tenants from the apartments on the upper floors. one man is being treated for smoke inhalation. he is in stable condition. firefighters are treating this as a suspicious fire. fire damages a delaware day care center and church. the action cam was in darby after midnight.
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always firefighters made a final sweep of the creative minds learning center run by ever abundant life international ministries. neighboring fire companies were called in to get a handle on the flames. it is unclear when it will reopen or if weekend services will be held at the church. this morning pennsylvania supreme court justice kevin dougherty is recovering after being attacked by a homeless man in center city. dougherty was punched in the face at 15th and market streets. septa police arrested the man at broad and girard. police believe he attacked dougherty after asking for money. three san francisco friars in central pennsylvania accused of enabling a child predator are out on bail this morning. they appeared in court yesterday all three charged with endangering the welfare of children and criminal
6:37 am
conspiracy. precise say they conspired to allow a catholic high school teacher in blair county to work near children despite accusations of child sexual abuse. we've gained information, we've heard terrible stories from a lot of victims. >> reporter: the teacher stephen baker killed himself back in 2013. police say he may have sexually abused more than 100 children. bill cosby's lead criminal lawyer is fighting a subpoena asking him to detail a 2500 donation made to the former prosecutor who promised cosby would never be charged. he co-hosted a fundraiser for bruce castor last year. castor refused to charge cosby
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in 2005 after andrea constand accused him of mugging and molesting her. fbi is investigating a threatening letter sent to the son of donald trump. eric trump received the letter at his highrise in manhattan. the white howarder -- white powder is not hazardous. it threatened if trump stays in the race, the next envelope would not be fake. turning toward the race for the white house, a rally for donald trump attracted more protesters in salt lake city. trump spoke at an event last night. although he was occasionally heckled there was no violence at the rally. mitt romeny announced yesterday he will vote for ted
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cruz on tuesday saying more cruz victories will increase the chance for contested convention in cleveland. arizona will cast their ballot in the state primary that happens tuesday. sanders is helping to chip away at clinton's lead in the race. clinton boasted in a tweet her campaign received contributions from more than a million people. hearts across the delaware valley still pounding what a finish for st. joe's overnight. iis isaiah miles knocked down a 3 point. back board goes on as the time expires and the ball is still in his hand. st. joe's wins 76-78.
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i wish it hadn't ended that way. at least what i could see it was the right call. st. joe's meets the number one seed on sunday. wildcats will play the number 7 ranked iowa hawkeyes tomorrow at 12:10 in brooklyn. it wasn't meant to be for the temple owls, the final score in that game 72-70. this morning there's a new neighbor at the philadelphia zoo meet graum, the male ameer tiger who arrived from a zoo in colorado. he recently arrived there and he made his public debut yesterday he is 8 years old and weighs an
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impressive 300 pounds. there's much more to couple on this edition of "action news" saturday morning. this is the beginning of the end of the die -- divergent film. we have do it yourself projects straight ahead. chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast a little snow in the forecast. "action news" saturday morning continues in just a moment.
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take a good look at these pictures, fbi said this man is wanted in three bank robberies in center city. the most recent robbery happened thursday at 1515 market street. the suspect is wanted for the robbery of the republic bank on walnut street in october. and beneficial bank on chestnut street last july. call (215)418-4000. call them if you have any information. a group of young people are being credited with saving a driver who was trapped inside a car. tyrone gallop slammed into a tree at new brooklyn area road and eaten hollow lane. several people pulled him to
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safety he was flown to cooper medical center listed in critical condition. let's get you caught up on the forecast with meteorologist chris sowers if you're planning your day, we have good news because the forecast is changing for the better. >> reporter: for the better, does anyone want to see snow right now? i know a lot of you felt gypped, we had a historic snowstorm in january, but this week we're talking about a snowstorm when nobody wants it. the good news everything has shifted out to sea. it appears at this point it looks like it will be a glancing blow, a near miss. clouds are increasing that's a beautiful shot as the sun is getting ready to rise. we'll see light rain this afternoon and may mix in with wet snow tomorrow. 39 degrees in city. dewpoint, 21. winds have shifted out of the northeast, the cold front has dropped through overnight and
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the temperatures have dropped. lancaster, 34. 39 in philadelphia. millville, 39. wilmington, 37. here's the system we're watching. initially it looked as if both of these areas of low pressure would come together around cape hatteras around north carolina. that system would strengthen and unup the eastern seaboard and throw snow back into our area and from washington, d.c. to boston. looks like the two systems stay apart, one after the next, we're looking at a lighter system overall. temperatures are cold nuf -- enough to support a little bit of light snow. the bulk of this is out to sea. 2:00 p.m., cloudy conditions, light rain overspreads the area as the first of two systems marches through. it could mix with light snow later this evening. 8:30 you can see the model
6:47 am
hinting at light snow mixing in. overnight tonight it's mainly cloudy, first thing tomorrow morning we expect that precipitation to begin developing again. we'll see a mixture of light rain and snow across interior sections of south jersey and delaware. that will increase throughout the day. note the precipitation at this point doesn't appear to be all that heavy. if it is snowing the fact that it is snowing during the day, the fact you have a high sun angle will limit the amount of snow we see. it will be find to grassy surfaces to begin with. it's limited to what we see in the philadelphia area. to get a heavy march snowstorm you need to have everything come together just right. in january and february you're looking at five things. out of the of the five, three suggest snow, you can getaway with that. but in march if there's one thing that's not the camp here you'll not get the big storm. you'll see air that's cooler than january, theun is higher
6:48 am
now. there will be a mixture of light snow and rain, accumulations confined to grassy stur faces. temperatures -- surfaces temperatures well above freezing in the high 30s and low 40s. the snow will stick on the grass not on roads. we're expecting a sliver of one to two across the i-95 corridor. coating to an inch to the south and the north. this is subject to change as the track has been erratic over the last few days. most of the modeling is shifting this out to sea. we may take the one to two inches off the map later this evening. becoming cloudy today, afternoon showers are possible. 46 degrees is the high temperature. overnight tonight it's cloudy mixture of rain and wet snow very late closer to dawn, overnight lows 30 in the lehigh
6:49 am
valley, 33 for center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 46 degrees today mostly cloudy, a couple of rain showers for tomorrow expect a period of rain and wet snow, 39, minor grassy accumulations. and then we start warming it up nicely. 48 monday, 53 tuesday, 66 wednesday, 72 thursday, 73 on friday. thank you so much. just about 6:50. firefighters at one firehouse in gloucester county have a new truck in their arsenal it's ease to tell it apart from the others. because the new truck in west deptford is green courtesy of sunoco which donated the money for the truck as part of a settlement over the dispute over taxes at the nearby eagle refinery just as the second truck rolled out this week. we're coming right back.
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we're so glad you're waking up with us.
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all new at theaters this weekend, a sequel to a mega hit and here's matt o'donnell. miracles from heaven. >> reporter: when anna got sick underit. the -- i couldn't understand it. jennifer garner plays her mother who searches for a way to save her beloved daughter. anna has a freak accident and tells an amazing story of a visit to heaven and then -- well you have to go see it. allegion is the third stoy
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in the trilogy. chris must escape with four and go beyond the wall that encloses chicago. they leave the only city and town they have ever known for the first time. they find shocking new truths and decide who they can trust in order to survive. chris is forced to make impossible choices. where are you going? , we're saving the city. that's what's new at the movies for channel 6 "action news" i'm matt o'donnell.
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dear fellow citizen, i know how it feels to save for retirement and college - times two. i get that it can be overwhelming, because i'm living it. but i always tell people - saving's not that complicated.
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you just have to work with what you have. if you have a question about saving, ask me. sincerely, alex payne. fellow dad and fellow citizen. sincerely, alex payne. everyone, 6:55 saturday morning, tomorrow's storm continues to shift east on the forecast modeling which is good news for us, which means we'll see
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lighter amounts of snow. here's philadelphia right here. earlier in the week, it looked like the low would hug the coast and throw back snow in the philadelphia area. we were forecasting 3 to 6 inches. what has happened over the last few days, the low continues to shift to the east. just that slight shift of 50 to 75 miles per hour is the difference between 3 to 6 inches of snow and perhaps a coating to an inch. the colder higher continues to bully the pattern and bump the low farther out to sea. this looks like nothing more than a nuisance event with a coating to an inch. a couple of could see an inch, otherwise it's a cloudy today and gray start to the weekend and chilly with showers developing with a high closer to 46 degrees. gray? thank you so much for theup date. are you watching this morning on the flat screen tv that's mounted on the wall. you can create a frame that gives your tv a high end, built-in look for next to
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nothing. the designers from the knock it off show you how. >> reporter: if you have two hours and 25 bucks you can transform the flat screen tv into the focal point. we're going to use thick chunky molding to create a floating frame around the whole thing. like a picture frame. >> reporter: we'll build a base box out of mds that will be attached to the wall. we'll take molding and miter cut it. now we are ready to attach the trim and make the frame. using a drill we'll attach the box to the wall and nail the trim on the box. look at that tv. >> reporter: a quick coat of paint and the tv has a gorgeous custom-look that's a lot of bang for your buck. for budget friendly ideas go to live well network/knock it off.
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tune in sunday night at 7 on the live well network. we have another hour of "action news" coming up. she served our country in world war ii now hear memories in other own words. hail caused damage to cars and other property in the lonestar state. those stories and more when "action news" continues in just a moment. > a pleasant good moro
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you, 7:00 a.m., saturday march 19. here's some of the stories we're following for you on "action news." two buildings will be imploded in north philadelphia this morning. in just seconds the skyline will change forever. you're looking live, the two buildings will be coming down at 7:15. plus two men are rushed to the hospital after they are involved in a fiery crash on the schuylkill expressway overnight. also what will the first day of spring bring? we're keeping our eye on a system that could bring wet snow. chris sowers is outside with a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. chris you say don't be too concerned about this, right? >> reporter: it was a pleasant surprise when i first got in here this morning, the overnight modeling showing everything shifting farther out to sea, which means we're expecting lighter snow with the system. some areas might not see anything at all and temperatures are


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